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Red Rock Canyon
The terrific crimson rocks of Arizona and Utah are living postcards, and they may be not the simplest locations you may go to see them. Colorado Springs sits proper subsequent to its very own Red Rock Canyon, you simply want to be geared up to do some adventuring to peer them. You’ll need to do a piece of strolling, but when you get there, you’ll witness the enduring pink partitions, curvy rock formations, and a venue that accommodates artists and entertainment that the pink rocks are notorious for.
Colorado Convention Center
Although there are lots of things happening inside the Convention Center itself, one in all this venue's largest sights is simply the giant blue bear outdoor of the constructing who seems to be peeking into the middle's indoors. This forty foot tall undergo is a super photograph opportunity while being a extraordinary representation of Colorado's creative minds, as he was created by way of Colorado-based artist Lawrence Argent.
Colorado Shakespeare Festival
The Colorado Shakespeare Festival is an event that need to now not be ignored if you are journeying Boulder City. From traditional Shakespeare performances to slightly tweaked modern day Shakespeare performances, there's some thing for each person. The actors put on an super performance, the set is colourful and existence like and all in all the ecosystem at the venue is lively and amusing. Literature lovers and Shakespeare enthusiasts are bound to discover this web page an absolute deal with.
Colorado Springs Pioneer Museum
Put your records caps on, it’s time to visit the Pioneer Museum in Colorado Springs! Opened in 1903, this museum tells the records of the city, and of Colorado itself. This isn’t your average museum, even though, not best does it have a large collection of old pioneer artifacts and historic information, it has an equally remarkable lawn and outside series. Visitors are handled to each American pioneer and Native American collections from diverse cultures.
Adam's Mystery Playhouse
This homicide mystery dinner theatre will keep you more wined, dined and entertained than you've got ever been whilst out to eat. Whether you are the life of the birthday party or more of a shy personality, Adam's Mystery Playhouse caters to you- you're endorsed to participate simplest as plenty as you're snug with. Professional actors and chefs will be sure to present you, as Adam's Mystery likes to say, "The 'crime' of your lifestyles!"
World Figure Skating Museum & Hall of Fame
Now, parent skating might not be on the top of all of us’s list of favored sports activities, but there’s no denying the charm and the extravagance of the competitions. Even in case you’re not a massive fan, you have to check out the World Figure Skating Museum

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The metropolis become named for close by gypsum deposits, and turned into incorporated in 1911.

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